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Welcome to the NeedleBar Original Web Site Archive!

The NeedleBar was an international group of enthusiastic collectors of antique and vintage (1829 to 1960) sewing machines, who also had an interest in researching the history of these fascinating items, their inventors and their makers.

As the site owner I have been online freely sharing and maintaining information about this fascinating subject for 18 years since 1995. The NeedleBar Museum has been online since 2000, the latest incarnation of my web site resources.

The pages on this, the original NeedleBar site contain the results of some of the earlier research projects undertaken, and information collected by, NeedleBar members.


Alan Quinn
NeedleBar Museum Owner



Articles about British Sewing Machines :

The Machines of W.J Harris

A Comparison of Bradbury Soeze & Family VS Machines

The British Lion


Articles about Australian Sewing machines

The Pinnock Sewing Machine Company

Hugo Wertheim Importer and Piano maker


Articles about Swiss Sewing machines

Elna Machines - Tavaro SA Geneva

Elna Machine article - Version Française


Articles about German Sewing Machines:

Pfaff Serial Numbers 1862 - 1978

The NeedleBar Guide to German Makers' Logos

A Comprehensive Guide to Baer & Rempel Machines

The NeedleBar Guide to Frister & Rossmann Machines

German Sewing Machine Attachment Tins

Guide to German Transverse Shuttle Machines :

Part One - High-arm Rectangular-based Machines

Part Two - High-arm Fiddle-based Machines

Part Three - Low-arm Fiddle-based Machines

Part Four - Makers of Saxonia-type Machines


Identifying Singer Machines:

Basic Singer Identification

Main Singer Identification Gallery

Detailed Identification Guides :

Singer's Vibrating Shuttle Machines

Singer's Model 15 Machines

Singer's Model 24 Machines

Singer's Model 29 Machines

Other Singer Information :

Singer Decals


Attachment Boxes

Singer Domestic Machine Production

Singer Industrial Machine Production

Articles about Singer Machines:

The Singer 48K

Singer's Ottoman Carnation Decals

Singer's Indian Star Decals

Early Development of the Model 12


Articles about American Machines :

New Home Sewing Machine Company

National Sewing Machine Company

Goodrich - Attachments and Sewing Machines

King Sewing Machine Company

Boye oh Boye: History of the Boye Commodity Cabinet

Standard Sewing Machine Company :

The Standard Rotary

Johnson, Clark & Company :

The Home Shuttle

Information About:

Conservation & Restoration

Machine Seized (+ version Français)

Restoring a Singer 29K13 (.doc format 4.2Mb)

Electrolytic Cleaning

Pitman Details

Manufacturers Needle Charts


General Information:

What is a 'Badged' Machine?

The Humble Needle

Recognising Shuttle Types

Bobbin Winder Instructions


Guides to the Sewing Machines & Makers of :

Britain  | Germany  | USA

Canada  | Australia  | France | Japan


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