The NeedleBar Guide


Singer Cabinets, Treadle Bases & Cases

by Helen Scarth


Grateful thanks to all NeedleBar members who sent pictures.

Special thanks are due to Christoph Schmidt, Claire Sherwell and Chrys Gunther.

And grateful thanks to Alan Quinn who so patiently tolerated all the confusion in preparing the pages!

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Early Singer Cabinets & Bases

Model 12/New Family Bases &Cabinets

Coffin-Top Treadle Bases

Drawing Room Cabinets

Singer Solid Cabinets

Drop Head Cabinets

Raised-end Bentwood Treadle Bases

Straight-leg Treadle Bases

Treadle Base Tops

Tables for Electric Machines

Cabinets for Electric Machines

Student Electric Bases

Portable Cases

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