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Singer 12 'New Family' Machine

This "fiddlebased" model was known as the New Family machine, and was introduced as early as 1863 (see Making the Bed).

It is a Transverse Shuttle machine (the shuttle moves in a straight line L-R) using a boat shuttle. The machine shown has an early style bobbin winder with rounded corners to raised area around slide plates.

Singer says of its New Family treadles: "The iron base was level with the treadle table, the stand was lighter and was fitted with a shorter pitman and grooved driving wheel, permitting the use of a round leather belt. This overcame the difficulty of belt slipping so common to the flat belts used in earlier machines".

The model was available in a great many different cabinets and cases to suit all tastes (and pockets). The introduction of the Hire Purchase scheme by Singer's partner, Edward Clark, enabled not only the wealthy to afford a sewing machine, but also the humble seamstress, who could pay off the cost of her machine in weekly installments.

A manual is available HERE Examples of Singer's Ornamentation on New Family models are shown HERE

The Singer Model 12 New Family uses 12x1 needles (Boye 23)

Early Development of the Singer Model 12 (New Family)

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Serial # 1596169/202169

Courtesy of Karen