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Britannia Manufacturing Company

Colchester, England

(Company history here)

Britannia Machines

Britannia Advertisement

Dated 1877

Britannia engineering manufactory was in Colchester. Illustrated here are their machines based on Wheeler & Wilson, Singer, Thomas and Willcox & Gibbs systems.

Britannia Anchor XL

Serial Number 318, c. 1870s

From the Harry Berzack Museum

The Victorian registration (surrounded by X L) reads this design was the seventh to be registered on 16th October 1871. 1 at the very top signifies metal class.

Britannia Cloverleaf

Serial Number 1477, after 1867

An improved Wheeler & Wilson. "Manufactured in the principle of the Wheeler & Wilson with improvements. Patented June 1st 1867.". The case folds down and the table is in the shape of a clover leaf.

Britannia Documents

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