Carl Schmidt, Bielefeld

Hugo Hengstenberg, Bielefeld


Translated by Chrys Gunther

Nickolaus Dürkopp & Carl Schmidt

Dürkopp & Schmidt set up in partnership in 1867 in Bielefeld. Their association lasted until 1876


Bielefelder Nähmaschinenfabrik Carl Schmidt

Carl Schmidt set up on his own producing sewing machines in 1876, specialising in the production of "Circular-Elastique" sewing machines for shoemaking, and later on long bobbin and shuttle sewing machines. He was joined in 1878 by Hugo Hengstenberg, and machines were produced with the names 'Carl Schmidt & Hengstenberg' on the logo.


Bielefelder Nähmaschinenfabrik Hengstenberg & Co

Schmidt left the company in 1883, and in 1884 the company was renamed Bielefelder Nähmaschinenfabrik Hengstenberg & Co.


Bielefelder Nähmaschinen- und Fahrrad- Fabrik A.G. vorm. Hengstenberg & Co.

In 1894 the company expanded and began to manufacture bicycles as well as sewing machines. As a result of this the company's name was changed once again in 1895 to 'Bielefeld Sewing Machine and Bicycle Factory, formerly Hengstenberg & Co'. In 1900 the company also began to manufacture cash registers.


Anker-Werke A.G. vorm. Hengstenberg & Co

In 1906 the name was changed yet again, and in 1912 they began to produced office machinery as well as sewing machines, bicycles and cash registers.

In 1948 the company gave up bicycle production to concentrate their efforts on office machine and cash register production.


Anker-Nähmaschinen AG

In 1958 a subsidiary company was formed called 'Anchor Sewing Machines AG' which merged in 1959 with:


Phoenix-Nähmaschinen AG

The Phoenix Sewing Machines company had been founded in 1865 as Baer & Rempel.

In 1969 sewing machine production at the factory ceased.


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